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Registration failure

Registration wouldn't work for me on your web-form. When I press "Register", the form just reloads.

My data:
Username: simira
Firstname: Karianne
Family Name: Grønningsæter 
Nickname: Simira

Emergency contact: 
Tollef Fog Heen, +4792642543
Anne Grønningsæter, +4771211278

Estimated arrival: 2004/07/07
Estimated departure: 2004/07/18

Country: Norway
Bringing own computer: Laptop with wireless connection
Gender: Femail
T-shirt size: Large(Woman)
Accomodation: HUT, with BF/GF
Food preferences: Regular
Attendee type: Non-maintainer but interested

Comments: Wants lodging with Tollef Fog Heen


Karianne Grønningsæter

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