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EU law: against discrimination of foreign EU students

21:39 < stockholm> liiwi: in the european union they *must* accept international european student ids.
21:58 < Q-FUNK> don't be so sure
22:06 < stockholm> it is EU law
22:07 < nchip> stockholm: http://www.vr.fi/heo/eng/palvelut/opiskelijat.htm
22:10 < stockholm> what does it say?
22:11 < nchip> stockholm: basicly that only people studying in finnish schools get the discount :(
22:12 < stockholm> well, that is illigal.
22:13 < nchip> where have you heard about eu law about it?
22:14 < nchip> I mean, there are so many diffrent student id cards, if there would be a eu-wide mandate, it
               would seem natural that the id cards would standardisized somehow
22:15 < stockholm> a friend of mine made a trip to spain with an other friend who studied law. they ran into
                   exactly that type of case with students from one eu country beeing priviliged and others
                   discriminated against. they recorded that incidence and the place got fined.
22:15 < stockholm> nchip: there are international ones.
22:16 < stockholm> if you think of it, it is exactly what the EU is about.
22:17 < nchip> stockholm: discrimination against foreign students studying in spanish school or
               discriminations against people studiying in foreign schools?
22:17 < stockholm> discimination against students studing in an EU county, in an EU country
22:18 < liw> stockholm, might be a good idea to send a question about this to the Finnish railroad company
             and maybe the ministry of education; I'd rather not touch those bureaucrats, perhaps some of the
             Finnish student people could be persuaded, if you mailed about this to -team and suggested it?

could someone with a legal background and free time on his hands
investigate this? law students are best for this. (c:

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