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weekly report week 2

As a habit we formed in debian-edu i would like to write up what
happend during the last week and what next steps there are right

feel free to comment and / or write your own, to keep other
members of the project up to date and reduce friction.

irc meeting on monday:
- rundown on the sponsorship situation
- mostly about what needs to be done to get the CFPs out ASP.

  this requires coordination with the 
  - press team, which should send out a press release about it, 
  - comas. which should be the medium where the papers are
  - website, which should be in a presentable state by then
  - registration (integrated with comas)
    - which needs an addon to subscribe people to the
      debconf-event mailinglist automatically 
  the ETA for all this to be ready was two days later, which is
  by the time of this writing 4 days in the past, without any of
  the teams haveing given the OK sign on the mailinglist yet.
  ***what is the status of this?***
- Jesus was going to inquire about the building and the pricing
- liw and arto were going to check out the catering/food options
  and rough price estimates for 80 ppl during the hacklab and 200
  during the confernce, 3 meals a day.
- I would be sending invitations to impress Employers, if needed
  (gwolf asked)

i got jeff`s travel agent`s contact and asked him to check if he
could find us cheeper flights. note: it is unclear how the
payment would be handled, but he wanted to deal with that once it
was clear that he could give us better prices then we have now.

i sent out a mass mailing to 65 people on the sponsorship list.
the first time i sent this it got halfways stuck in my providers
tar pit. I resent the mail to the people who had not replied and
have now 29 replies. i will update my budget spreadsheet with the
new info i got and send that to the travel agent to check if we
can cut costs.

furthermore i contacted HP, DELL international, DELL finland,
SUN, Canonical, IBM, AMD, RedHat, O'Reilly, NetApp and HostNet
about sponsorship and updated the wiki page at
http://wiki.debian.net/index.cgi?DebConf5TodoSponsorship to
reflect the present status.
Here some others are helping with enquiring for sponsorship:
- Liiwi: FSecure **status?**
- wolf: Stonesoft **status?**

Since HostNet wants to sponsor the t-shirts aschwin and i started
investigating tshirt prices. since their sponsorship money could
be on the short time searching good prices might be expanded to
other parts of europe.

this fist sponsor also brought up the problem of size of logos
for the website which is now investigated by the webteam.

several improvements were made to the website after questions and
suggestions from people who tried to use it.

i also created a alioth project "debconf5-team" and added
aschwin, liw and mooch to it. the purpose of that project is to
provide a svn repository for keeping the budget and other private
information in (like the massmailing status and mails etc). wiggy
will create the svn repository on sunday morning and i will check
in the reworked budget then.

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