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Re: tshirts and printing prices

Andreas Schuldei dijo [Fri, Jan 14, 2005 at 11:14:35PM +0100]:
> who within the EU would be willing to take on the job of finding
> High quality tshirts and 4-color prining for the debconf5
> tshirts?
> we would aim for 250 tshirts and front and back will be printed
> in 4 colors.

If it is worth anything: My wife has a silk-screen printing workshop,
and I am sure that printing costs in Mexico will be cheaper than in
Europe... Of course, shipping/import costs (I don't think I will be
able to lug along with me 250 tshirts) might be far greater than the
slight price advantage... But if you think it is a good idea, count on

Andreas: You will surely be asked: Are the four colors going to be
solid, or there will be fading of one into another (I don't know how
to translate, but even this might be correct: Are we talking about
color separation or color selection? Selection uses dithering-like


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