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Re: Answers from IBM and HP Finland

* Arto Teras (ajt@iki.fi) [041215 21:42]:
> From IBM it's a preliminary answer saying "I believe we can supply at least
> something, including PowerPC machines" and the message was passed on to
> someone else I haven't heard from yet. The IBM guy was clearly happy that we
> contacted him early enough to do arrangements. 

> Tero also suggested that we'd talk about the specs in more detail on the
> phone, in email or over a lunch some day. So if you (especially Andreas)
> have more specific view on what kind of boxes we'd need, please send some
> details. In my original mail I hinted towards DL585's which is a 4-way
> Opteron server which we are using as frontends in several Linux clusters in
> Finland, or the Xeon version of the same box.

yes, that is fine.

we do get problems when the openoffice and glibc maintainers
start building on the same machine, even if it has lots (i think
we had 6G in oslo) of ram. so a lot of ram would be nice. two
machines would help, too.

to have both opteron and xeon might be good, eventhough x86 is
still the dominant architecture. a modest raid in each would be
nice, too.

is this what you were hoping to hear?

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