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Re: Possible graphic artist

On Sun, 2004-06-27 at 11:06, Andreas Schuldei wrote:

> we need a debian-swirt inspired logo, with or without flask.
> that should be in integratable into a website (we dont know what
> the website will look like, we will probatly use a content
> management system, he could even come up with color schemas and
> page layout etc if he would be so friendly), the tshirt front
> side, food coupons and nametags (to wear on your chest or so),
> paper for stuff to print on (handouts or talk-summaries) and the
> cover of the proceedings (jeff bailey (cc), will need to decide
> if he wants that, since he does the talks and speaker
> handling/pampering.). we even had three huge banners to hang
> from buildings or fasten at the entrance of SESC. Those were
> hand-painted.

I haven't thought too much about the covers of the proceedings yet.  I
have been at three other conferences recently (Fifth HOPE, GCC summit,
and OLS) and am looking at what sort of best practices I'd like to learn
from them.

> this year the participants tshirt was white with two-colors: red
> debconf logo front, black sponsor logos on the back (in oslo the
> sponsorship logos were 4color print). the staff-tshirt was
> bright red with wightdebconf logo on front and black logos back.

It might also be interesting (As a fund raiser or something) to see if
we can take orders for non-tshirt type of things.  I would cheerfully
pay for a polo shirt or a number of other pieces of Debconf wear f it
were possible to buy it at the conference.

> the food coupons were totally differnt in layout and style, no
> logo there. they had the address of the hotel and the date of the
> meal (of when the coupon was valid) printed on them. the address
> was usefull when some people were too drunken to find home and
> showed the food coupon to the cab driver.

My Portuguese really wasn't that different drunk or sober. =)  The
address was really nice.

> the website had the same logo as the tshirts and that was it.
> see it yourself at http://www.debconf.org/debconf4
> the nametags had the logo on them, too, but were hanging on a
> string around the neck and usually hang into your food, too, once
> you were eating. i would suggest we move back to the ones you can
> clip to your chest, in a plastic casing with the needle on the
> back. on those nametags the IRC nick should appear most
> prominent (but might be missing for some), name and email
> following.

At The Fifth HOPE, they had arm bands (which were too loose, sadly) that
had a space where names could be written on.  People wore them however,
but it was something that was a bit different.  I don't know if there's
soething similar we can do but that displays the name more clearly.

Sorry for the lag in replying. =)

Jeff Bailey

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