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Debian Reunion Hamburg 2022 - CfP Extension


thanks everyone who has submitted proposals so far! We are currently
going through the submissions and will come back to you soon. We would
like to extend the deadline by one more week until May 8th.

Regular sessions may either be 20 or 45 minutes long (including time for
questions), other kinds of sessions (like workshops) could have
different durations. Please choose the most suitable duration for your
event and explain any special requests. Suggested topics include:

    * Debian usability
    * Cloud and containers
    * Security
    * Packaging
    * Automating with Debian
    * Debian social
    * New technologies & infrastructure

This list is not complete and if you are unsure whether your topic is
suited, please reach out to us.

Please direct your proposals, ideas, questions or feedback to: 

For further information about the Debian Reunion in Hamburg, see
Registration is required, please do so at 

See you in Hamburg!

Michael (on behalf of the talk committee)

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