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Bar 180 – 18/05 – 9pm


FYI, this will happen in the cantina, also on Friday after dinner:

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Date: Thu, 17 May 2018 13:37:20 +0200
From: Katrin Bahrs via Mitglieder <mitglieder@lists.fux-eg.org>
To: Felix via Mitglieder <mitglieder@lists.fux-eg.org>
Subject: [Fux-Mitglieder] Bar 180 – 18/05 – 9pm

gentlepersons –

bar 180. it’s been a long long time. we haven’t seen most of you for weeks. what have you been doing? what are you up to? we want to know. we want to exchange jokes with you while shaking your lemon vanilla caipiroskas. trade some gossip while mixing your mojitos. share secrets over a cape cod. we wanna see you drunk. exhilarated. excited. we want to see your tiredness, your unrest, the sweat on your brow, the sly smile in the corner of your lips, the sparkle in your eyes. we want it all. and then some.

and we wanna see you dance: there’s a new stack of singles to be discovered in the jukebox, by selector ted gaier (probably).

very curious: bar 180.

// bar 180 //
// 18 05 2018 // 21:00 – 24:00 //
// cantina fux und ganz //
//  bodenstedtstraße 16 // 22765 hamburg //

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