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newest film from Alexander Sokurov at Berlinale

Title: newest film from Alexander Sokurov at Berlinale
Hi there, dear colleague.

Let's meet each other at Berlinale (EFM) at MGB!

Please, send us request back for meeting at Berlinale if you are Buyer or Festival Programmer or Journalist (for interview with The Director).

Official Selection in FORUM:

A RUSSIAN YOUTH (Malchik russkiy) by Alexander Zolotukhin;  Russia, 2018, lng.: russian  72 min.

Director and Screenplay - Alexander Zolotukhin (debut)
Creative Producer - Alexander Sokurov
General Producer - Eduard Pichugin

Screenings Schedule:

February, 9   9.30 a.m.  CinemaXX 6 (Press & Industry) (en)
February, 10  4.30 p.m.  Delphi (en)
February, 11  9.30 p.m.  CineStar 8 (en)
February, 13  8.00 p.m.  Cubix 9 (en)
February, 16  4.15 p.m.  Zoo-Palast 2 (en)

A story about the young soldier who has lost eyesight on The Great War and became a listener in the air defense system. He listened to enemy airplanes through huge pipes. But through the sounds he studied the world also.

My Best Regards


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