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drama provocation My Friend the Polish Girl New Horizons IFF In Competition

Hi there, dear colleague.

tags: buddy-movie, film on film, immigrants, love, melo, postdoc, provocation, suicide, visual anthropology 

ANT!PODE is pleased to inform “My Friend the Polish Girl” directed by Ewa Banaszkiewicz & Mateusz Dymek
is participated at International Competition of New Horizons International Film Festival/26 July – 5 August, Wroclaw, Poland

My Friend the Polish Girl by Ewa Banaszkiewicz & Mateusz Dymek    UK, Poland 2018, 87’  lng.: English

trailer, details: https://www.antipode-sales.biz/movies/my-friend-the-polish-girl/ 

Monday   July, 30     16-15  knh 7
Tuesday  July, 31     13-15  knh 7
Saturday August, 04   16-00  knh 6

Contacts:  Julia Kuzischina
                            skype : sjuliaquz
                            cell : +7-926-306-66-51
My Best Regards

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