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tonight at 21.00 (was: Re: Poetry Event, saturday 20.00^W21.00, 2nd floor)


TL;DR: we'll meet in the glass outside coffeecorner on the second floor,
opposite of the video team room, tonight at 21:00 (not 20.00). There will be no
video coverage.

You have about 7 hours to think about a poem you'd like to recite ;-).  If you
rather would like to be in the audience, watching: you're very welcome too.

See https://debconf23.debconf.org/talks/111-poetry-event/ .

C U there,



Klikspaan, Boterspaan, // Je mag niet door mijn straatje gaan. //
’t Hondje zal je bijten, // ’t Poesje zal je krabben, //
Dat komt van al dat babbelen.                   --http://mdcc.cx/

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