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Re: Train via Italy

Le jeudi, 24 mars 2022, 17.38:15 h CEST Martin a écrit :
> In case it is interesting to others, too:
> I'll travel to Munich in HS train, then to Venezia in ÖBB nightjet,
> then to Bari in regional train(s), then to Durrës in the night boat,
> finally to Prizren by bus.

I'm considering my options here, leaving from Lausanne (or Switzerland in 
general) and there's either a one-shot bus leaving twice a week at 12:00 from 
Lausanne to Prizren directly (arriving at 16:00 the next day), or that train 
ride of yours.

The train+boat+bus seems longer, but more comfortable that 28h on a bus. About 
when would you embark on that one?


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