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Re: dc21 group photo

Hi Judit,

thanks a lot for your effort.  What is the deadline for photo submission.
I have a plan for some photo of me (and my vietnamese daughters) which
can not be realised before Monday, may be Tuesday, evening.

Thanks a lot for your effort


On Fri, Aug 27, 2021 at 08:22:35PM +0700, Judit Foglszinger wrote:
> Hi,
> this year there will be the probably first debconf group photo
> not generated by a human being but a program -
> if you want to be in it, send a picture (or better a link to a picture)
> to urbec@debian.org no later then end of debconf (as in end of last talk) -
> - Both png and jpg should work, other formats maybe.
> - It should have a decent resolution
>   for reference, my picture is 1019x1200
>   (and was made with a over 20 years old digicam).
> - As this time nothing will be cut out, but square pics will be used,
>   the background doesn't matter so much.
> btw - mascots are welcome :)


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