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Re: Schedule and URLs

DebConf sign up page says:
"You don't need to have a Salsa account, you can also sign up with a username and password, and use them to login."

Nevertheless, being registered and logged in DebConf site, some links to etherpad take me to a blank page with this message:
"No tienes permiso para acceder a este pad"

And "ACCEDER" link takes me to Salsa login page.

Perhaps it's possible to use DebConf registration to give temporary access to etherpad for newcomers.


El domingo, 22 de agosto de 2021 13:24:41 ART, Kyle Robbertze <paddatrapper@debian.org> escribió:

On 2021/08/22 13:42, InfoWiki wrote:
> It could be possible to make questions this year?


> Last year was my first time attending DebConf and liked so much. Very
> good content, in quality and variety.
> Links to etherpad wasn't work too and I feel sad to stay outside of
> conversation.
> It's a detail I believe it's worth to improve, or simply to hide the
> link for whoever can't/musn't use it.

It is now working. The issue has been fixed

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