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Submit your content for the DebConf21 stream loop!

Hi Debianites
Since DebConf20, we've spiced up our loop with some additional contributed content. While our sponsor logos are beautiful and we could stare at them for hours, the additional content has certainly helped to add a personal touch in between DebConf talks and events. This year we're doing so again, and now is the time to start submitting your content for the loop!
Content can take various forms:
1. Shout-outs:
These are short videos (typically between 10 and 30 seconds) where you record a message for the community. It doesn't have to be an elaborate production; something simple recorded with your webcam or phone is just fine. Just please make sure that the audio is audible - if you're recording from the other side of the room, the audio may be too soft and people watching the stream may not be able to hear you properly.
2. Postcards:
Maybe you're shy, busy or don't have access to any webcam or video recording device. No worries, you can also submit a postcard. Take a selfie or a picture of your town or members of your local group and send it along and we'll display it on the stream for 20 seconds at random intervals. Be sure to include any information that you'd like on there, like who the postcard is from, etc. You're also welcome to send any other kind of submissions and we'll try to make it fit. Perhaps you'd like to contribute to the #newinbullseye hashtag with a tip or trick or something new that's in the brand new Debian 11 release (which should be released just before DebConf if everything goes well) or want to share some general news.
Need to knows:
 * Whether submitting your creative genius in photo or video form, please use landscape mode (flat), not portrait (upright). We'll be streaming the content at 1280x720, but if you don't understand that, don't worry, we can adapt your submissions to fit the stream.  * Upload your content to your favourite file, picture hosting service or personal web server, and then send a link to loopy@debconf.org to submit your contribution.  * Please try to submit your content before DebConf starts. We will be able to accept submissions during DebConf too (which is especially fun if you want to make replies and participate in DebConf memes during DebConf), but we'll likely not be able to accept any content after 12:00 UTC on Friday the 27th in order to allow us to start preparing for the closing session. If you have any further questions, feel free to pop a question to loopy@debconf.org
 Enjoy DebConf21!
 -Team Loopy

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