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"Country I call home" field


On Tue 21 Jul 2020 at 01:00AM GMT, content@debconf.org wrote:

> Dear Speaker / BoF organizer,
> We are glad to announce that your activity titled
> Meet the Technical Committee
> has been accepted for presentation at DebConf 20.
> We look forward to seeing you online.
> We will shortly start putting together the schedule, so please make sure you are
> registered for the conference on the website and fill in the "Country I call
> home" field, so we can better plan the schedule with regard to timezones.

I initially thought this was a survey question and filled in a country
other than the one in which I expect to be located during the

It might be worth labelling the field as data being collected
specifically for the purpose of knowing what timezones people will be

Sean Whitton

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