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Re: Call for logos for DebConf20 Online

Hi Valessio (2020.06.23_05:50:49_+0000)
> In the beginning, when I started collaborating with Art on Debian, we
> did it in the form of competitions. But it has been a long time since
> there is a lot of sense, there are many good designers helping the
> project and I have observed that competition is more a way to keep
> them away than to add. For this reason, I believe that we have evolved
> and I hope that the theme of the next Debian release and or even of
> the next DebConf, can be done following the principles of
> Collaboration and not more disputes with several proposals.

That's a good point. I feel bad asking people to do work for a
competition, when only 1 person's work will win. We just do this because
it's what we've done before. And it worked.

Sadly, we'll probably forget all about your message here. The time to
remember it will be before we have our next design need. That would
probably be after DebConf 21.


Stefano Rivera
  +1 415 683 3272

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