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contemplating to have a reiki circle in debconf 2018 ? - Wellness.

Dear Friends,

I have been contemplating to have a Reiki circle during Debconf 2018.
With my Reiki practisioner hat on, I'm thinking we could have a reiki
circle for ourselves, or group healings during debconf.

I got my Master's degree about a decade ago but here the idea is just
to be part of the group. I haven't yet put it as an event unless I
know if we have enough Reiki practisioners and Masters who might be
willing to put their valuable time (maybe half an hour to hour in the
group for the duration of the conference).

I know the conference is dynamic in nature so it might be nigh
impossible to be all days, I confess that I do not know for sure
whether I would be able to be part of it throughout the conference
although the heart would be there, are there others who would want to
be ?

If there are other masters who might want to initiate others in the
process that would be welcomed provided we are able to figure out the
logistics of doing that. If there is enough interest and participants,
I would enter the event in debconf 2018 and let content look at it. We
would need mats and open even spaces rather than closed spaces . If
somebody would want to co-lead it would be even better. Doesn't matter
if you are level 1 or a master.

What do people think ?  They are free to reply on-list or off-list if
they do so desire.

Look forward to knowing what you think.

          Shirish Agarwal  शिरीष अग्रवाल
  My quotes in this email licensed under CC 3.0
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