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Re: [Debconf-discuss] The algorithm of Salsa LA dance workshop

On 07/08/17 12:00, drebs wrote:
> Quoting jathan (2017-08-05 18:06:28)
>> Hi everyone. I invite you tomorrow to enjoy a nice Salsa workshop in the
>> Main Hall of the venue in front of the Buzz room and next to the Front
>> Desk at 21:00 hrs. (Montreal Local Time Zone). We will learn how to code
>> our bodies to feel the rhythm and dance on 1 Salsa LA style! :) If you
>> have any questions feel free to ask. Cheers.
> Jathan, your patch was accepted by my heart and got merged into my body
> and soul. Many thanks!
> I'm ready for a salsa night in the next days. ;D 
> hugs,
> drebs.
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Hey Drebs! Thanks a lot for your kind words :) I glad to know about that
nice patch merge. It would be great going out with more people
interested about enjoy Salsa to some nice dance place like Club 6/49
nearby Peel and McGill metro stations:


The entry costs $7 CAD, the place open every day and has Salsa, Bachata,
Cumbia, Merengue and Kizomba party nights from 9:00 pm to 3:00 am. We
could go on Thursday or Friday. Who joins? :)

Por favor evita enviarme adjuntos en formato de word o powerpoint, si
quieres saber porque lee esto:
¡Cámbiate a GNU/Linux! http://getgnulinux.org/es

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