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[Debconf-discuss] New to DebConf? Help the VideoTeam!

A note from my huge experience of one debconf and a half :)

If this is your first DebConf I can strongy recommend that you consider
helping out the video teami, for a number of reasons (mostly in random

First of all, the people in the video team are very nice and helpful,
even if you're dealing with them at their worst (stressed and
overworked), and working with them is quite nice.

You get to be part of the DebConf tradition of active attendee
partecipation in a way that is much easier than e.g. self-scheduling
your own talk.

Especially doing camera duty is pretty easy and won't prevent you from
doing what you were at the conference to do: you can volunteer to do it
for talks you were already going to attend, and in most cases what is
expected from you is not to fall asleep :) follow the talk and rarely
move the camera. Yes, if you're not interested in the talk it can get
boring, but that's where volunteering for the talks you were already
going to attend comes in play.

You don't have to commit in advance to lots of work: you can start to
volunteer for one talk or two, and then decide if you want to go on or
if you don't like it and want to stop: nobody is going to complain.
There also no minimum amount of talks that you have to do every day, nor
you have to attend talk that you didn't want to just because of doing
video work.

Your help is really appreciated: streaming and recording talks takes a
lot of work, but is also the only way lots of people can partecipate to
the event from around the world, and taking some of the easy tasks off
the videoteam allows them to concentrate on the hard part of keeping
everything up and running (and possibly even allow them to breathe once
in a while :D )

In my experience it was even fun.

If I have convinced you, there are instructions on how to get training
and help the videoteam in today's announcment at:


Elena ``of Valhalla''

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