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Re: [Debconf-discuss] [Debconf-announce] Ad-hoc (or self-scheduled) sessions: The process


self-scheduling has now been setup for Sunday on the Front-Desk-window.
You can add your self-scheduled session by writing on the window from
the outside. Please don't write from inside the Front-Desk.

Make sure to submit your talk via https://debconf17.debconf.org/talks/new/ 
first and add the wafer ID to the slot, plus whatever you want attendees
to see.


On Thu, Aug 03, 2017 at 12:24:24AM -0500, Gunnar Wolf wrote:
> Over the years, ad-hoc sessions have become an important part of
> DebConf. Even though we put our best efforts into curating and
> scheduling what we hope to be a great set of talks, the pace of
> interactions is too high; ideas get bounced around, and new
> discussions pop up during conversations. Ideas that you will want to
> share or discuss more widely, in BoF sessions!
> So, for that to happen, we rely on the ad-hoc (also known as
> self-scheduled) sessions. The process for scheduling ad-hoc talks is
> as follows:
>  1. Register your session in Wafer; please mark it as belonging to the
>     ad-hoc track. Only sessions registered in Wafer will be scheduled.
>     1.1 Do note that you can schedule sessions you had submitted for
>         DebConf but were not accepted for the main program.
>  2. There will be a whiteboard available at the Front Desk with the
>     available slots for the next day. Write up your talk ID in the
>     slot you want to use. The whiteboard is authoritative and speaks
>     the truth!
>     2.1 You are invited to also write up the title and your name, so
>         it serves as an early indication/advertisement to others that
>         might look
>     2.2 Only slots for the next day will be available. Self-scheduling
>         can only be done at the end of dinner (19:00) of the day
>         before. At that time, a photo of the whiteboard will be taken,
>         and it will be emptied for the next day.
>     2.3 Over the day, we will work on a best-effort basis to update
>         the schedule online. We can only commit to update it at the
>         end of the day.
>     3. Every morning, we will put up schedule printouts for the day,
>        with your self-scheduled sessions included.
>     4. For logistical reasons, only Rex, Woody and Potato will be
>        available for self-scheduling.
>     5. No video coverage will be provided for self-scheduled sessions.
>        5.1 Note that if recording the video and making it available is
>        	   important to you, it can usually be done with decent
>        	   results using personal cameras. If you do it and the
>        	   resulting quality is satisfying, it can be accepted in the
>        	   meetings-archive, under a contrib/ directory.
> For any further questions. ask your friendly Content Team members on site!

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