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Re: [Debconf-discuss] About 747 Bus from Montreal YUL airport

the weekly pass is valid from monday to sunday, (not from the day of
purchase) so it will be valid starting on monday, not yet. so for the
weekend you can buy weekend ticket for 13,75 cad - valid till monday 5
am. which is better option then buying 2 days passes (10 cad)
and yes the bus 747 is included in the weekly ticket, as well as in
weekend pass and daypass

Am 05.08.2017 um 15:51 schrieb Roger Shimizu:
> Dear all,
> I bought weekly pass of public transportation, 25+6 = CAD 31, according to the PDF welcome guide of the conference.
> But when boarding the 747 bus, the red LED flashes, and the bus driver said because 747 is express so have to buy the CAD 10 ticket.
> The bus driver was very kind, and let me get the ride.
> It was 3:30AM in the morning, and next next bus would be 1 hour after, so I'm lucky.
> But I want to share this information that it's better to buy the CAD 10 ticket if you take the bus.
> Cheers,
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