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Re: [Debconf-discuss] trouble uploading PDFs for Canada visa?

On 03/04/17 17:12, Antonio Terceiro wrote:
> Hello,
> I am trying to upload the required documents in the Canadian visa 
> process, but their application won't accept any PDF file saying it
> is "not a valid PDF file". I double-checked every file and they
> _are_ valid PDFs, I even tried creating a very simple PDF from
> LibreOffice, but that was also rejected. So, something in their
> system is broken.
> Then, I tried the upload using Chromium instead of Firefox, and it 
> worked. I'm not sure what exactly is broken, must be something 
> javascript-related.
> So, there you have it: if you also have issues with invalid PDF
> files on Firefox and you are sure the PDFs are not invalid, you can
> try using Chromium to do the uploads.

On a previous visit to Canada, we observed similar issues.

I think I actually tried multiple browsers and they all periodically
didn't work at different times.

Did they also try to make you fill out a PDF form that requires a
non-free PDF reader?

I wrote a complaint to them and received this cut-and-paste reply 10
days later:

"Thank you for contacting Citizenship and Immigration Canada. I am
pleased to follow up on your request:

 We verified the information provided. The situation that you have
described is the result of an ongoing periodic technical problem. We
are currently looking into it and will resolve it as soon as possible.
However, please note that the difficulties that you are experiencing
may be resolved by:

    Using Internet Explorer 9.0 (or a higher version) or a different
browser such as Safari 3.1;
    Refreshing your browser;
    By using another computer; or
    Trying again later.

Furthermore, here are some tricks that may help you:

    Verify that the information you are entering is correct;
    Clear your cache and cookies. To do this, follow these steps:
        in Internet Explorer:
            Tools > Internet Options > Delete Files; and
            Tools > Internet Options > Delete Cookies
        in Safari:
        Edit > Empty Cache; and
        Edit > Preferences > Security Tab > Show Cookies > Remove All"

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