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Re: [Debconf-discuss] [Debconf-announce] Call For Proposals for DebConf16 - Cape Town 2-9 July

hi for all members of debconf16
hope all of you doing well i really appreciate the struggles of your team and i really so happy from debconf15 team because its was so interested for me in Heidelberg Germany i hope if you are supported me for debconf16 because i really miss all of the members of debconf15 .
the attached file show my existence in debconf15.
We hope to see you all in Cape Town!
best regards
Naseer Ahmad Chardhiwal
Lecturer of Nangarhar University ,Afghanistan

On Wednesday, 23 March 2016, 21:56, Stefano Rivera <stefanor@debian.org> wrote:

DebConf16: Call for Proposals

The DebConf Content team is pleased to announce the Call for Proposals for the
DebConf16 conference [0], to be held in Cape Town, South Africa from 2 through
9 July 2016.

[0]: <https://debconf16.debconf.org/>

Submitting an Event

Submit a talk [1] and describe your proposal. Please note, events are not
limited to traditional presentations or informal sessions (BoFs). We welcome
submissions of tutorials, performances, art installations, debates, or any
other format of event that you think would be beneficial to the Debian

[1]: <https://debconf16.debconf.org/talks/new/>

Please include a short title, suitable for a compact schedule, and an engaging
description of the event. You should use the field "Notes" to provide us
information such as additional speakers, scheduling restrictions, or any
special requirements we should consider for your event.

Regular sessions may either be 20 or 45 minutes long (including time for
questions), other kinds of sessions (like workshops) could have different
durations. Please choose the most suitable duration for your event and explain
any special requests.


The first batch of accepted proposals will be announced in April. If you depend
on having your proposal accepted in order to attend the conference, please
submit it as soon as possible so that it can be considered during this first
evaluation period.

All proposals must be submitted before Sunday 1 May 2016 to be evaluated for
the official schedule.

Topics and Tracks

Though we invite proposals on any Debian or FLOSS related subject, we have some
broad topics on which we encourage people to submit proposals, including:

- Debian Packaging, Policy, and Infrastructure
- Security, Safety, and Hacking
- Debian System Administration, Automation and Orchestration
- Containers and Cloud Computing with Debian
- Debian Success Stories
- Debian in the Social, Ethical, Legal, and Political Context
- Blends, Subprojects, Derivatives, and Projects using Debian
- Embedded Debian and Hardware-Level Systems

Video Coverage

Providing video of sessions amplifies DebConf achievements and is one of the
conference goals [2]. Unless speakers opt-out, official events will be streamed
live over the Internet to promote remote participation. Recordings will be
published later under the DebConf license [3], as well as presentation slides
and papers whenever available.

[2]: <http://debconf.org/goals.shtml>
[3]: <http://meetings-archive.debian.net/pub/debian-meetings/LICENSE>

Contact and Thanks to Sponsors

DebConf would not be possible without the generous support of all our sponsors,
especially our platinum sponsor HPE [4]. DebConf16 is still accepting sponsors;
if you are interested, or think you know of others who would be willing to
help, please get in touch [5]!

[4]: <http://www.hpe.com/engage/opensource>
[5]: <https://debconf16.debconf.org/get-involved>

You are welcome to contact the Content Team with any concerns about your event,
or with any ideas or questions about DebConf events in general. You can reach
us at <content@debconf.org>.

Registration Reminder

We remind you that registration for DebConf is open. Please log into the
DebConf16 website and register from your profile page. [6]

[6]: <https://debconf16.debconf.org/accounts/profile/>

To request bursaries (sponsorship) for food, accommodation, or travel, you must
be registered by Sunday, 10 April 2016.

After this date, registrations will still be accepted in any of the basic,
professional, and corporate categories. However, accommodation on the campus
will no longer be guaranteed, and requests for sponsorship will no longer be

Even if you are not certain you will be able to attend, we recommend
registering now.  You can always cancel your registration, before the deadline.
We do suggest that attendees begin making travel arrangements as soon as
possible, of course.

We hope to see you all in Cape Town!

The DebConf 16 team

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