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[Debconf-discuss] Travelling to/from DC15 by train — saver tickets

Hello prospective DebConfers,

The German railway company offers so-called "saver tickets" to
people who know exactly which train they will take and book their
tickets well in advance, starting as low as 19 € and rising to
29€/49€/69€ while supplies last. These tickets can be bought
3 months in advance via http://bahn.de and DC15 is 3 months away,
hence here's a little reminder.

Availability is usually very low, so act quick if you need this
(though if you're just travelling from Frankfurt Airport, read on

  Please refer to
  for updates and new information as DebConf15 draws nearer.

For people travelling longer distances within Germany, we're also
offering special "event tickets" with a discount, see below. If you
own a BahnCard, you're likely going to fare better using that. There
are also often special offers for time-limited BahnCards, which may
be of interest to you. Generally, the website will give you the
offer while booking.

Please be aware that all saver tickets are only valid on the chosen
train(s) and a 17 € charge is incurred for changes, in addition to
possible fare upgrades. The saver tickets are also not transferable.

It is not cheaper to buy a return trip than it is to buy two
individual tickets, so you can easily opt for one saver ticket and
chose to remain flexible.

** Local transport tickets

When buying a ticket online, you'll have the option to add "City
mobil" which will allow you to travel from the main station to the
youth hostel. We strongly recommend everyone doing so to facilitate
your time at the main station and to avoid delays. The price is the

Please remember that people travelling to DebConf with
a BahnCard-ticket will likely have the "+City" option included and
don't need this extra option.

** Frankfurt Airport

As most of you will be travelling via Frankfurt Airport, you
probably need not worry. A full-price, single-trip from the airport
to Heidelberg is 25 €, and the few saver tickets at 19 € will likely
be sold out quickly. Plus, flexibility is a bonus as one never knows
how long luggage takes etc.

** Event tickets

Thanks to a collaboration with FrOSCon and the CCC, we are able to
offer DebConf15 event tickets. These tickets are sinlge-price and
include the return trip no matter what distance within Germany you
are travelling and hence of special interest to those from Hamburg,
Berlin, Munich, even Düsseldorf, if you are not holder of a BahnCard
and you didn't get a saver ticket.

There's a saver option (specific train) available for 99 € in 2nd
class (159 € in 1st). If you need a full-flexible ticket, that'll be
139 € in 2nd class (199 € in 1st).

Unfortunately, the event tickets can only be purchased on the phone
by dialing +49 1806 311153¹ and quoting the code "CCC", payable by
credit card.²

  ¹) Mon–Sat, 07:00–22:00 (CEST); 20¢ from a German land-line, 60¢
     from a cell phone. International charges vary.
  ²) A small surcharge (~ 1€) will be asked for payments with credit

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: :'  :  DebConf orga team
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  `-  DebConf15: Heidelberg, Germany: http://debconf15.debconf.org
      DebConf16: Cape Town: https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf16

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