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Re: [Debconf-discuss] remote participation in DebConf

On Wed, Sep 17, 2014 at 12:53:22AM +0800, Paul Wise wrote:
> Holger wrote:
> > I also had the impression there was less relaying of questions from IRC
> > this year, no idea if thats true and if so, why.
> Likewise and I think this is a shame.
> I think this is something that people simply forget to do (myself
> included) or find it hard to do since people participating remotely
> usually have no physical presence.
> Some ideas:
> Maybe mix remote participants on WebRTC into the local speaker output
> and stream?
> Messages from IRC could be translated to audio using one of the
> various text-to-speech engines we have in Debian.
> Make some telepresence hardware running Debian for remote attendees?

In previews years we had a working web environment to get people
chatting without the need of an IRC client. This year we had timvideos
which was broke most of the time. This may be one of the reasons.

I'd be glad to see WebRTC being used in next DCs, but I'm not sure how
we should set it. No idea about using text-to-speech engines.



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