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Re: [Debconf-discuss] DebConf conference policy on profanity

also sprach Ben Hutchings <ben@decadent.org.uk> [2014-09-04 10:58 -0700]:
> It has also not been unusual for a few expletives to appear in
> slides or spoken words in talks at previous DebConfs.  So far as
> I know, that hasn't been something people complained about in the
> past.
> Given that people are now bringing young children to DebConf, it
> may be something we should take more care over now.

Absolutely, but we need a (long) period of transition.

I caught myself saying "sh*t" as lightning talks moderator, but
I immediately apologised. I hope that in a few years time, I will
not have such glitches anymore. And this probably applies to most of

In addition, we should remain flexible. A talk on culture like
Biella's needs to be able to quote academically. In the context of
4chan, swear words are part of the culture, part of the content.
While I never would want my children to grow up swearing ad lib
(oh my, will I shake my fists…), I *do* want them to have access to
untainted knowledge.

> Patty told me she said she drafted the CoC based on what LCA uses.
> She said she had asked for feedback on debconf-team but didn't
> receive any (or not much; I don't remember exactly which she
> said).

There was a lengthy discussion, if I remember, involving
self-drafted CoCs etc.. The initiative to base our own CoC on the
LCA CoC was mine, and the reasoning was simply that LCA had done
most of the work already. While there is always room for
improvement, I still think the LCA CoC is a good starting point.

It is not, however, and was never designed to be a manual on how to
handle instances that are offensive to attendees, or borderline.
This is up to us, and the way we handle it directly affects our
credibility in the future.

And I trust that we'll be able to excel at that eventually. When
it's ready. ;)

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