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Re: [Debconf-discuss] Code of Conduct violations handling process

On 9/4/14, Patty Langasek <harmoney@debian.org> wrote:
> On Wed, Sep 03, 2014 at 12:29:36PM +0100, Ian Jackson wrote:
>> I think more guidance for the teams involved would be helpful.  The
>> Debconf and Debian CoC statements are too difficult to amend.  The DC
>> and Debian teams should develop a process document which those
>> responsible would use to guide their actions.
> The way this particular Code of Conduct Violation Complaint was handled was
> entirely my fault.  Antiharassement received the complaint, and I forwarded
> it on to leader@debian.org because the requested concessions were beyond
> the
> scope of the antiharassment team to handle (we do not issue blanket
> statements on behalf of debian). I did not reply to Ian to let him know

More facts trickle out. Thank you for stepping up to the plate.

Any chance someone could crush an egg shell already and just
post a link to the brouhaha? Or summarise the events?

Are we that timid, that dominated by the almighty COC,
that facts are no longer politically correct?

I happen to think facts are a useful foundation to a conversation.

<Admittedly some of my past conversations have left a little
to be desired in the facts vs heated opinion ration, but that
doesn't change the fact that factual facts factually presented
are useful foundations for constructive conversation.>

> that
> his complaint had been received and forwarded to the appropriate people in
> the timely manner that I would expect for a complaint to antiharassment,
> and
> I accept full responsibility for that. I am very sorry.
> I was mistaken in thinking that the two followup conversations I had with
> Ian indicating his complaint had been received (and forwarded on to
> leader@debian.org) were sufficient in keeping him informed of the
> situation,
> even if during one of the conversations it became clear that we did not all
> agree on specifics of the situation.
> I will not make that mistake again.
> In the future, complaints sent to antiharassment@debian.org should be
> acknowledged by email as soon as possible, even if other parties are needed
> for consultation in the matter.
> Patty
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