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[Debconf-discuss] Possible Two Color Debian Logo White Vinyl Sticker Group Buy

I'm considering coordinating a group buy of two color, 54mm x 70mm white
vinyl stickers with the Debian Open Logo[logo], and distributing them to
other group purchasers at Debconf14.

Minimum quantities of 2000 (US$250) are required from the printer which
I've found,[printer] which comes to $0.125 per sticker. I'm personally
willing to take 500 of them, but I'd like to have enough other parties
to take the additional stickers.

Please either reply or indicate on the wiki page[wiki] if you are
interested with the quantity that you are interested in. I'm also
willing to consider larger sizes, shapes, or different printers, too.
[If you are not going to be at Debconf14, but are in the US and want
enough stickers to justify my time (and your money) sending them to you,
I'm willing to consider that too.]

[logo]: https://www.debian.org/logos/openlogo-100.png
[printer]: https://stickerguy.com/images/stickerguy_bulk-pricing.pdf
[wiki]: https://wiki.debian.org/Merchandise/Stickers
Don Armstrong                      http://www.donarmstrong.com

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