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[Debconf-discuss] Missing Cisco WLAN Access Point since teardown


since there was no success on the debconf-team mailing list with the
following request, I'm resending this (with some updated facts) to
debconf-discuss in the hope that some of the people who helped during
teardown on Sunday morning read this mailing list.

The ISP is missing the one Cisco access point which they setup at the
beginning of DebConf to better cover the amount of clients in the main
talk room. They set it up in the lower dining room which we used
during DebCamp and on the last day (teardown Sunday), on the floor
right of the door towards toilettes and BoF room 1.

The missing access point is a Cisco Aironet 1242G, of grey colour and
has two external antennas. It looks like this:

During lunch on teardown Sunday I noticed that there's a cable with no
device plugged into the wall socket in the dining room and fetched it.
So the AP was already missing at that time. Others have reported that
the AP may have missed already at 10am.

Anyone knows where the missing AP has been put to during teardown?

		Kind regards, Axel
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