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[Debconf-discuss] Gallery


just three small things:
a.) I moved gallery.debconf.org to a new machine, which should make it
    much faster than in the past. Please comment if something broke.

b.) Please upload pictures you took during DebConf here. Additionally or
    only, your choice, but it would be nice to have one big storage at
    one point to look and see what DebConf13 was like.

c.) I would love to have someone to help out with the Gallery site admin
    duties.  Thats not much work actually, every now and then there is a
    user account to confirm or a new top-level album to create.

bye, Joerg
> commited with the quality of our system (and project), it is all very
> connected: Freedom <-> Users <-> Quality <-> Transparency <-> Freedom.
This looks like a consulting schema

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