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[Debconf-discuss] English subtitles for DebConf13 talks

Hi all,

this year I'll try again to provide english subtitles for some of
DebConf13 talks. I'll probably follow the workflow explained in this
wiki page [1]. 
It's not difficult, even for a non native-speaker, but it's a bit
time consuming: this is way I won't be able to do it for all the talks,
but feel free to join me!

You don't have to be at DebConf to do it, as some video recordings are
already available online here [2].
And if you prefer, there's always the possibility to do it via a web
based interface [3].
If you are going to do it, please claim here [4] the video you want to work on,
so to avoid double work.


ps: any suggestion from the videoteam people on how to improve the
workflow is really welcome! :)

[1] https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/Subtitles_for_videos
[3] http://www.amara.org/en/
[4] http://titanpad.com/AT1PzP4PHe
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