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[Debconf-discuss] Don't forget cheese-bribing....

To the remaining Assassins: don't forget stealing some cheese from
breakfast so that you can save your life when ${DEITY} will be hunting
you from 14:00 with The Holy Sock of Antioch.

You guys are currently 15 alive people. One 5-kills serial killer got erased
during the night but we still have another one wandering around and
(s)he is quite dangerous. I assume his|her tactic is to make you fall
asleep by talking to you constantly. Once you whole brain is fully
concentrated to understand what (s)he is talking about, then you get
killed. Be warned.

Another wanabee serial killer is also wandering around. Here, the
tactic is probably more proposing hugs for various (fake) reasons and
then treatously sockify his|her victims. Be warned.

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