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Re: [Debconf-discuss] [Debconf-announce] Car parking - People with cars please read!

On Mon, 12 Aug 2013 16:12:47 +0200, Gaudenz Steinlin wrote:
We have been notified by the Le Camp staff that the parking on the same level as the street is reserved for their staff. So please don't use it.
If your car is currently parked there, please move it to the upper

The cars with the following plate numbers that probably belong to
DebConf participants are currently parked there:

* RO OT72

This is mine, parked on one of the three marked handicapped parking slots (And I have a parking placard that is officially accepted in Switzerland displayed at my windshield). Moving it to the upper level means additional hassle, especially when leaving again (getting the luggage up). Could you check with the Le Camp staff if it is OK for me to remain on that spot?

On an unrelated note:
My Android phone is unable to retrieve an IP from the debconf13 WLAN since some time yesterday. The debconf WLAN works, but has bad or non-existant coverage on the lower floor of Peuplier. Could you forward this info to those who take care of network issues?


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