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[Debconf-discuss] Extra DebConf T-Shirts for Purchase - Not Yet Available

They are NOT currently avaialble.

Eventually, Front Desk will be selling remaining t-shirts, but not until the
end of the week. An announcement will be made to Debconf-Announcement when
we are able to sell the t-shirts, but will be no sooner than Thursday.

If you come before Thursday asking to purchase an extra t-shirt, I fear you
will be leaving Front Desk disappointed. As we hate to disappoint our
attendees, please wait until Thursday to ask.

Love and bunnies,

Patty Langasek


At times, you may end up far away from home; you may not be 
sure of where you belong, anymore. But home is always 
there... because home is not a place. It's wherever your 
passion takes you.
                                --- J. Michael Straczynski

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