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[Debconf-discuss] The Return of the Assassins

Hello fellow Debconf 13 attendees,

Debconf Assassins. Again.

In past Debconf, playing the Assassins game became a kind of
tradition. At least, it happened during DC6, DC7, DC8 and
DC9. Unfortunately, DC10 and DC11 didn't seeany game organised,
mostly because nobody took time to do so. But DC12 revived this tradition.

DC13 *will* have its Assassins game.

What is the game? The best way to explain it is pointing you to the
dedicated wiki page:

As you may see, despite the name, no  violence, no hate. Just fun.

The only action you have to do if you want to participate is checking
the "Participate in the Assassins game" checkbox in your personal page
in Penta : https://penta.debconf.org/penta/submission/dc13/person

Please also DON'T FORGET TO REGISTER at Frontdesk when arriving at
Debconf as Assassins referees will try to avoid "ghost targets"
(people assigned as target to someone but who never showed up). It is
not fun to seek for someone who is just not there.

Please feel free to ask for details in this mailing list.

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