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Re: [Debconf-discuss] Swiss power connector

Quoting Joey Hess (joeyh@debian.org):

> Anyway, has there been a debconf in recent memory where each table in
> the hacklab didn't have at least 3 different varieties of power outlets? ;)

This is exactly how the two current biggest tables in Hacklab look

On the table I'm sitting at, we indeed have ONE swiss 4-splot powerbar

- ONE swiss laptop adapter
- 2 Europlug (type C) 2-pin laptop adapters (incl. mine)
- one type C-->type E converter (without grounding) where a
  double-socket type E adaptor is plugged. From here:
  - one 5-slot Type E powerbar with some french laptops plugged in
  - one 3-slot Type E/C powerbar with:
    - 1 laptops with an E or C connecter (continental european geeks)
    - another 3-plot type C/E powerbar with:
      - two continental european laptops plugged
      - Ben's E-->G British converter
    - one 5-plot type C/E power bars for a few more continental
      european laptops

And we don't even have any US developer around, which will make the
setup even more funny.

The other large table is even funnier and I will not try to describe
it : it involves a few Chinese adapters, apparently, plugged through 2
or 3 various converters.

Up to now, we had no power outage. There are miracles.

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