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[Debconf-discuss] Compilation box

Dear Debconf team, dear attendees,

I am planning to attend DebCamp, and had planned to do some mass
compiling during the time. However, my laptop seems to suffer somewhat
under the weather (heat-wise). So I am pondering to haul my 20-somthing
kilo compilation server to Switzerland via train. However, as it's a bit
dated, it wouldn't really give that much "bang for the kilo", and I'd
rather avoid that hassle if I can.

So I'm asking if anybody else is
a) attending DebCamp
b) bringing hardware capable of serious compiling, and
c) could set me up with a schroot or two ?

Thank you for your consideration.
Hope to see you all soon,

Philipp Kaluza
Ghostroute IT Consulting

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