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[Debconf-discuss] Sports (was: Re: Bicycle?)

On 23-07-13 18:06, Bruno Kleinert wrote:
> Hi there,
> I consider taking my mountainbike with me to explore the area around
> Vaumarcus a bit. Does anybody else plan to take a bicycle to DC?

So I'm not very good at endurance sports, especially not things that
involve climbing hills[1], so I won't be joining any cycling expedition.

However, Holger and myself have decided to bring some tennis gear. The
closest tennis club appears to be some 7km away from Le Camp. I don't
know whether we'll be able to play there as non-members, but it
certainly shouldn't hurt to try.

If other tennis players feel like bringing their gear, I'm sure I'll
enjoy more than one match (though I can't speak for Holger, of course ;-)

[1] I once went on a summer camp to Austria as a young teen, where we
went on walks fairly regularly. The common result was that people would
have to stop for about 30 minutes to wait for me every... 30 minutes.
Not so good.

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