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[Debconf-discuss] Official launch of the Cheese and Wine party for DebConf 13, aka C&W9, aka "La fondue crée la bonne humeur"

(recycling last year's mail, which was recylcing previous year's mail)

Do I need to explain what is the Cheese and Wine (C&W) party? Still,
if some of you need more information, please feel free to ask.

The C&W9 wiki page has just been created on DebConf wiki :


Information will come there until the day of the C&W, which is
probably scheduled for Monday August 12th (to be confirmed).

C&W orga details are currently very vague, but the most important
point is: start planning what YOU will be bringing for the
event. Remember that the event is only successful when many of us
manage to bring good stuff to share (preferrably cheese, wine...or
other ethanol-improved beverages). If you think about something
*else* than cheese, please feel free to bring it: just try to have it
representative of your part of the world...or a part of the world you

Of course, one of the big plans is to have a great swiss fondue, as
Fondue is the Swiss National Dish, according to the Swiss Cheese

"La fondue crée la bonne humeur" or "Figugegl" could then become DC13
subtitle just like Debian Wine became famous after DebConf 9.

So, if some of you (swiss) folks own caquelons, bring them! And, yes,
I mean you, Axel.... :-)

Any further questions can be asked in this mailing list or in #debconf
channel on irc.debian.org

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