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[Debconf-discuss] Visiting CERN


I'm thinking to organize a private (non-official) visit to CERN. But I'm late on organizing stuffs.
In next few days there will be the deadline to book the group visit during DebConf period.
So to organize the standard visit I need at minimum 8-10 other interested people.

Additionally I'm in contact with some IT staffs at CERN, to have a private visit on the control rooms, computer rooms or/and to speak with some Debian user about their solution in storage the huge amount of data produced by experiments, etc.

This is NOT part of official Day Trip program, so the places are limited, and you should pay for transport and food cost. The visits at CERN are free.

If you really intend to visit at CERN, please add your name as quickly as possible to:
and reply me privately.


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