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[Debconf-discuss] DebConf13 Final Report volunteers wanted

Hi all,

as you might know, the DebConf Team produces a Final Report after every 
DebConf and it is year after year a quite epic adventure to get it 
finished in a reasonable timeframe.

The DebConf Final Report serves several purposes: first it is a lasting 
trace of what the conference has been, in terms of attendees 
experiences, organisational and financial challenges, opportunities, 
etc. Second, it is a testimonial of to what use the sponsors' money was 
spent and an incentive for future (and permanent) sponsors [0].

It would be really nice to manage to share the load for the writing of 
this year's final report. As you can see on the coordination wiki page:


… there are slightly more than 20 texts to be written, some of which can 
be written partly or completely before the conference, some of which can 
be written partly or completely by attendees not necessarily involved in 
the DebConf Team. It would be truly awesome if texts such as "Debian 
Day" or "Day Trip" could be adopted by attendees wanting to report on 
these events; by taking pictures, collecting impressions, and finally 
writing your article [2]. If you are interested in taking such a 
responsibility, please put your name in the table on the wiki page 

(As for leader@ and DebConf Team members, it would be nice if each of us 
could take [alone or in collaboration] responsibility for the texts in 
our areas of interest already in advance, to get a better overview on 
the areas missing workforces for the report. I know it feels bizarre to 
work on the Final Report now, but considering that the work is ramping 
up for all of us, that's probably the best period to put time on the 
final report. We'll see how that goes.)

Many thanks in advance, cheers,


[0] Some sponsors require to get such a report after the conference, 
some others want to see the past report before committing to 
[1] And next years' also, of course.
[2] If done sufficiently fast, this could also be promoted on the 
DebConf blog (and planet Debian), for example.

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