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[Debconf-discuss] Cars at DebConf13


Bouncing the discussion to debconf-team@ , please reply there.

Le mardi, 2 juillet 2013 15.44:52, Moray Allan a écrit :
> It was previously asserted that there will be many volunteers with
> cars to chauffeur around people who don't have their own transport. 
> Perhaps some of these many volunteers can pick up people like
> Tobias?

At the face-to-face meeting, we discussed the question of available cars 
and apparently not many of the locals would come with a car, so then we 
started looking around to rent cars, and that got then pointed as a moot 
idea as several people had in the past offered to let organisers use 
their car during Deb{Camp,Conf}13.

I therefore propose to document this through a wiki page:


If you had thought about making your car available for DebConf 
organisational purposes, please register your car in there so that we 
can know what the team can count on as available during the conference.

Cheers, OdyX

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