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[Debconf-discuss] Open Source Now 2013, March 14th, Carouge, Geneva, Switzerland

Hi there!

There will be a Debian booth and a talk about DebConf13 at Open Source
Now 2013, which takes place on March, Thursday 14th, at the Hotel
Ramada, Carouge, Geneva, Switzerland:


The official Debian Events page will be available in the following
hours.  For the moment, please:

- have a look at the wiki page


- register your attendance on the event website for organizational


- follow-up on the debian.ch mailing list for anything related to
  attendance or the booth


- follow-up on the debconf-team mailing list for suggestions or comments
  about the DebConf13 talk:


Thx, bye,
Gismo / Luca

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