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[Debconf-discuss] DebConf14 bids

The deadline for DebConf14 bids passed yesterday.

It appears that we have two bids:

Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela

Portland, USA

Please read through the pages from both bids, and ask questions about them on debconf-team. Where possible, please ask questions in general terms rather than asking only one team, though of course you may also want to seek clarification about specific points in the information provided by bids. Please make sure that you choose an appropriate subject line, and start a new thread if you are asking questions on a new topic.

The next formal stage of the bid process will be the bid status meeting:

We should try to hold that meeting soon (next weekend, or the week after?), but it's best to ask questions about the bids *before* the meeting -- the more topics are clear before the bid status meeting, the closer we can schedule the venue decision meeting.


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