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Re: [Debconf-discuss] OpenBlocks AX3/A6

Nobuhiro Iwamatsu wrote:

Yes, this may be expensive compared with other ARM machines.
However, this is not a hobby use.
This has a guarantee of quality which a company can use for a server etc.
And you can receive support, when there is a problem.
True, the trouble is you are getting up over the price range of intel
soloutions. The benchmarks I can find (though I can't find any
specifically for the armarda XP) seem to put arm clock for
clock roughly on a par with the intel atom.

One can get a supermicro dual core atom board with dual gigabit
ethernet for arround $220. Obviously a case, PSU hdd etc would
have to be added to that but it's still nowhere near the price of your

Yes the openblocks device is smaller and lower power but not by
enough to make it compelling IMO. If arm is going to succeed
in the server market then IMO they need to be at least in the same
ballpark pricewise as comparable intel soloutions.

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