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[Debconf-discuss] Tipps for traveling through USA with a braille display?


This might sound strange at first sight, but I am actually concerned
about me traveling through the USA on my way to Managua carrying a
braille display.  When I flew to Bordeaux two years ago I was trapped at
security in Lyon for approx. half an hour because the personell
there believed I was carrying explosive material.  This led to them
actually fetching a special security guy who ended up fetching a dog to
assert that my "strangely looking device" was not a bomb.

If french people are already making such a fuzz I am really concerned
about the USA.
My braille display is quite expensive, so giving it up on some boarder is
actually definitely not an option.

Since I have never passed through USA (on purpose) in the past, I am
quite concerned.  Does anyone have experience with US airports and
"strange looking devices".  Is there perhaps some way I can ensure that
I don't loose my €6.600,- device on my way to Managua due to silly
overcautious security?

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