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[Debconf-discuss] Call for self-promotion and credits correction (for DC11 final report)

Hi all!

We are really really close to finishing one of our last pending (and
most important) items for DebConf11: The final report. This report is
not only for us to keep track of what we have done through the years,
but to show both our past and our potential future sponsors what their
money is giving them — So yes, it is a vital component for DebConf.

And one of the hardest parts to get for this report is the "credits"
page. Although with an informal, loose coordination such as what we
have, it is most important for several reasons:

‣ It shows the amount of people who worked hard to make each DebConf a
  success. Again, this makes potential sponsors appreciate the amount
  of effort it takes.

‣ It is one of our very few ways to say "thank you" to each of the
  involved people

So, if you helped organize DebConf 11 in any way, *please* update our
credits page:


Please list yourself in the areas you think you were active in. Also,
help us fix spelling! Specially, I note we have a *lot* of missing
diacritics, stemming from people coming from such diverse cultural

If you find a task you worked in not mentioned here, feel free to add
it. In the worst case, I'll contact you for further details.

I hope to be able to close the final report by Sunday/Monday. There is
still a sh*tload of job to do, but it does not look impossible to get
there. So, please hurry!


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