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[Debconf-discuss] Resources for DebConf bids


as it gets forgotten let me remind all (future) bids what DebConf offers
you besides the wiki to prepare your bid:

 - You can have a mailinglist within lists.debconf.net
   (debconfXY-BID@lists.debconf.net - like debconf13-mars@l.dc.n)

 - If you need/want more than "just" the wiki to prepare, you can also
   have a webpage within debconf.net. Though you probably want to spend
   more of your energy in perfecting the bid than preparing a webpage,
   but you could have it.

Placing it on DebConf resources means that it is a.) all together in one
location, easy to find and b.) have it archived well beyond the lifetime
of any bid (DebConf had bad experience with losing data between years in
the past) and c.) its a very easy transition from debconf.net over to
debconf.org once your bid has won.

bye, Joerg
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