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[Debconf-discuss] Updates in your registration / Reconfirmation


If you are planning to attend to DebConf10 and registered in pentabarf [0],
you should have received an longish email asking you to reconfirm. This 
email was personalized per attendee. I want to highlight from these emails
a couple of things:

a- if you asked food and accommodation sponsorship and you are a Debian
  contributor whose contribution to Debian are easy to track, you have 
  been granted accommodation sponsorship, but not yet sponsored food 
  because even if we are optimistic about it, we have not yet raised 
  enough funds for this.

b- If you have NOT been granted food and accommodation sponsorship yet,
  then we were unable to track your contributions to Debian easily, or 
  you did not put any info  about you in the 'What are you doing for 
  Debian? Why do you request sponsorship?', or there was a human mistake 
  In this case, the email you got asked you to file the 'What are you 
  doing for Debian? Why do you request sponsorship?' field in pentabarf.
  Please do this and if you do not hear from us granting your sponsorship
  a couple of days after doing this, please ping us at

Also, if you asked travel sponsorship, you should have received an email about
it several days ago, if you did not, please mail herb@debconf.org


[0] https://penta.debconf.org/ And if you did not register there and you are 
planning to attend to DebConf, please register.

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